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Christmas Event Update + Future Events Changes
RedZephon Admin Moderator Member
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17 days ago

Hello Everyone! Here to announce the winner of the 2021 Christmas Event, PinkBlueRoses! Check your DM's for your prize. She built a neat little Candy Cane lane decorated with some of the Christmas Items available from the shop. Here are a couple pictures.

Firstly, I would like to apologize that the Christmas Items were not available for longer. The 1.18 update caused a few hiccups and I wanted to put the focus on getting that out so players could enjoy new content as soon as possible. I will bring back the Christmas items for a limited run in the future (likely in the next 1-2 months) for those that missed items and wanted to grab them. I will also keep the New Years items available for another week or so.

Secondly, because there was little to no engagement on the Christmas Event, I unfortunately wont be giving out any other prizes other then to those that submitted something to the build competition. I will be holding another giveaway in the near future that doesn't require building anything so stay tuned for that.

Going forward, we are going to temporarily stop doing competition events. Unfortunately as much as people may seem to tell me the like build competitions, all the recent ones have had little to no engagement in terms of actual submissions. 

Instead I will put my focus into server events centered around a theme that introduce new content, items, and activities into the game. This way the players can work towards getting cosmetics and custom items, competing in optional activities, instead of having to build something. I will need more time to develop this idea and how it will work but I believe this to be a better route to go. 

Build competitions may return in the future if there is a renewed interest or the playerbase grows.

I will also look at different ways to create community engagement through different content pieces and events. Feel free to submit your ideas in the forums.

Thanks everyone for reading and see you in the Helix!