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Year in Review
RedZephon Admin Moderator Member
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16 days ago

Hello Everyone! 2021 has already come and gone which is crazy to think about. As I look towards 2022 and our goals for the server, I would like to get everyone's feedback on what they think about the server. Below is a link to a google form that you can fill out that has some in depth questions. Please answer everything honestly and openly. Nothing you say will hurt my feelings. But this is your chance to be heard on things that have happened in the past year that you may have liked or not liked. Its your chance to influence the server this year. 

Everyone that enters will get put into a draw for a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Of course you can choose to remain anonymous by not putting in your username. You can also exchange your $25 Amazon Gift Card for a $50 Helix Shop Credit if you like. 

I look forward to reading through all of your responses. 

Form: https://forms.gle/ERLHtMj2nWwbMERy5